The Birth of Diamond as an Engagement Ring

diamond love

The diamond is the sign of love. Its function as a messenger of love has resonated through the generations to appear as mighty as always. Their look allows them to be used with whatever attire.

Diamond engagement rings first got favored in the 1930s. A man gifts his bride with an engagement ring upon recognition of proposal. Anthropologists think this comes from a Roman tradition in which spouses used rings connected to keys, showing partners' possession.

Constanzo Sforza

When, in 1475, Constanzo Sforza introduced Camilla d’Aragona, with a diamond ring on their special day, a poem noted the service. The flame in the diamond was compared to the fire of love.

Archduke Maximillian

In 1477, Archduke Maximillian accredited the first diamond engagement ring on record for Mary. This stimulated a craze for diamond rings among aristocracy.


The Victorians promoted engagement ring styles that blended diamonds with other gems, metals and enamels. Often these were created in the forms of flowers. Diamond rings created throughout the Edwardian era proceeded the custom of combining diamonds with different jewels.

Erasmus Jacob

It took a breakthrough in Africa to change diamonds into a cheaper gift. In 1866, Erasmus Jacob discovered a pebble on the Orange River in South Africa. He presented it to his father, who marketed it. The customer resold it then somebody discovered it was a diamond.

In 1869, different diamond was discovered in the similar region under comparable circumstances which was sold and the hunt for diamonds started.

De Beers Company

Diamonds were uncommon and costly for those who can’t afford until the breakthrough of African diamond mines in the 1870s. The De Beers Company was the holder and agent of these found mines in South Africa.


In 1871, an 83.5 carat stone was discovered on De Beers by a cook and the Kimberly diamond deposits had been formally discovered.

De Beers Consolidated Mines

The deposits were reduced rapidly, however; the gem was discovered in a volcanic plug. It covered diamonds ever found. Between 1871 and 1914, over two tons of diamonds were removed from it. So many that for the first time, the cost was minimal enough to make it inexpensive. The mines came under the management of De Beers Consolidated Mines. Even now, it keeps dominance over the industry.

In 1930s, when need for diamond rings dropped in the U.S. throughout difficult instances, the De Beers Company started an advertising promotion utilizing photos of film stars swathed in diamonds. In three years, the deals had enhanced by 50%.


In 1947, De Beers introduced its timeless motto, "A Diamond is Forever." This sparked more deals. The toughness of a diamond presented the definition that marriage is always. Its pureness and glow have become signs of man's dedication to the woman he loves in the world.

Today, the diamond engagement ring stays the common reflection of real and eternal love, and an important part of the marriage rite worldwide. So when partners go into a jewelry shop to purchase a diamond engagement ring, they are adhering to a tradition. For more information on buying diamonds, just browse

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